Technical datasheet - C506B-BOX

Technical datasheet
Controllers - C506B

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Technical datasheet - C506B-BOX

Table of content

Product family description
Product overall description
Core features
Compare C506B
    Controller selection
    Programming notes
    Programming Gercini controllers
    Programming - Gercini Defined Environment (GDE)
    Programming - GDE - program files
    Programming - GDE - configuration
    Programming - GDE - GerCon
Technical drawings

Simplified version of this document can be read: Product review


Technical datasheet - C506B-BOX
Using Gercini controllers is simple and effective

Product family description

Gercini C506B controllers are professional industrial controllers with very simple programming, wiring and user interfaces.

We produce C506B controllers in following packages

@ C506B-BOX - Controllers in box with dimensions 320x250x136 comes with stainless steal (AISI304) frontal panel, IP67 class, suitable for food and medical applications.

@ C506B-FRONT - Controllers with stainless steal frontal panel with dimensions 314x244x42, without box. Can be mounted on your box in 230x190 hole. Ideal for any machinery that needs display and touch button panels.

@ C506B - Controllers comes with no box nor front panel. Ideal for solutions with no user interface.

and following configurations

@ C506-U - Controllers with the most popular comunication port RS232. Ideal for any solutions where comunication is required. There is wide choice of converters available to USB, CAN, RS485 and other protocols on market.

@ C506-E - Controllers with EEPROM memory for configuration saving. Necessary for all devices that needs to save configuration after power loss. Memory amount is 64KB what should be enough for almost any solution.

Product overall description

C506B-BOX controller is one of our C506B family controllers mounted in plastic box.
Controller contains C506B controller unit, display, touch button panel and box.


Technical datasheet - C506B-BOX
120W power supply

High quality 120W power supply compatible with all Gercini controllers

77W power supply

Low power module compatible with all Gercini controllers


Programmer PicKit3 is universal, high quality programmer from Microchip. Can be connected to USB port.
Allows to program all Gercini controllers.
Simple interface and small housing gives you easy using and lets you start it with no extra document reading.

Core features

@ Ideal solution for complicated automation tasks
@ Low cost highly reliable
@ Very fast and simple C language development
@ 80MHZ 32bit processor
@ 60 digital and analog inputs / outputs
@ Simple POS type display with 8+1 touch buttons
@ Large and high contrast 16 row, 30 char per row display
@ Error / Ready / Power indications on panel
@ RS232 connection port for connecting to wide range of devices
@ Large 512KB flash memory for program
@ 128KB RAM memory allows rich application development
@ 64KB configuration memory
@ Fail safe features

Compare C506B

No products to compare with


Technical datasheet - C506B-BOX


Controller selection

We offer 3 housing controllers
@ Controllers in box
@ Controllers mountable in your box
@ Naked design controllers without frontal panel

Programming notes

This controller supports modules UART, EEPROM

Programming Gercini controllers

We have created programming for our controllers so simple that any practical programmer will be able to start using our controllers just by reading as little as few pages of this documentation.
There are three basic ways we recomend when programming Gercini controllers, programmer might find the most appropriate way:
@ You can use our defined environment (read Gercini programming environment articles)
@ You can adjust our environment (read extended Gercini programming environment articles)
@ You can use your own code base and Microchip compiler directly (can be downloaded from web site)

Programming - Gercini Defined Environment (GDE)

GDE consists of 3 parts:

@ Program: Your main.c, main.h and other program files
@ Configuration: Your configuration XML file proj.xml located on project directory
@ GerCon: GerCon program with Microchip tools to prepare environment, compile and burn your program

Programming - GDE - program files

Your program must contain 2 files - main.c and main.h.
If you need more files, you are free to use them - compiler will compile and link ALL program files on your program directory.

main.c must contain following sections


1.   #include 'gos32.h'
2.   #include 'main.h'

Required system events

1.   // before any modules are loaded
2.   void program_onBoot(int msg, int param) {
3.   }
4.   // after all modules are loaded
5.   void program_onLoad(int msg, int param) {
6.   }
7.   // realtime tasks that can't wait
8.   void program_handler(int msg, int param) {
9.   }
10.  // when required to refresh screen
11.  void program_onDraw(int msg, int param) {
12.  }

Note, that program_onDraw method will not be required, if nor graphics or text mode is used.

Mandatory events

1.   void msg_XXXXX(int msg, int param) {
2.   }

for all messages you define on configuration xml file.

Programming - GDE - configuration

Configuration consists of one file proj.xml located in project directory.
Configuration file is defined in xml format with predefined schema, located on

Configuration structure defined as fallows where * means - multiple:
--name = program name, free to asign
--code = microchip controller version, ex: pic32mx695f512l
--menu* = recursive menu definition
----title = menu user title
----code = function or variable name
----type = menu type - wither msg, var
----menu* = submenus with the same structure
--plugin* = defined plugins to extend functionality.
----title = plugin name
----interface* = plugin interface, defined for each specific controller version
--sensor* = sensors
----title = sensor code name, always structured as sensorIn: ex temperatureIn, heatIn, herkonIn, topIn, ...
----pin = sensor attached to marked pin
--module* = modules
----title = module code name, always structured as moduleOut: ex moduleOut, motorOut, cilinderOut, secondCilinderOut, ...
----pin = module attached to marked pin

We recomend to look at sample configuration files for your specific controller version in

Programming - GDE - GerCon

The GerCon software can be downloaded without any cost from

It contains all required build and burn files in tools directory.

To build your program, simply make shortcut for getCon2.exe as following:
Start in: your project directory
Target parametres:
@ clean - clean all old files
@ gen - generates gos32.c and gos32.h files
@ build - compiles all files
@ burn - burns compiled program to controller. burn? - will prompt before
@ run - allows controller to run now. run? - will prompt before.

Look at provided "Compile @ Run" shortcut for example.

Sample folder contains sample program to get started. Note that this file is general for all controller models, wherefore you MUST verify plugin configuration before using it. We recomend to look at sample configuration files for your specific controller version in


Technical datasheet - C506B-BOX

Technical drawings